Automated Forex Trading Software

NEW! Forex Data Recorder stores live tick data from Metatrader!  

Our automated Forex trading software is based on our own algorithms and Forex strategies that we develop and test.

Our automated trading software is being developed  as part of our own Smart Forex Strategy Tester suite. The suite is designed as a complete set of software tools for testing of automated Forex trading strategies.

The suite’s design is flexible. Any tested trading strategy can be used for trading. Without any changes required.  This is done via a special interface developed to Metatrader™ terminal.

The suite uses Forex Trading Strategies definition as a plain text state machines, which doesn’t require the user to have coding skills.

In this approach the main ideas of the Strategy are separated from their implementation. Which makes Trading Strategies easier to analyze and compare. Also making modifications to strategies becomes easier, because they consist of reusable high-level “blocks”.

Can Automated Forex Trading Be Profitable?

We believe in that. And not only believe. We have been testing our automated trading software with our own Smart Forex Tester suite which we developed.

The tester is capable both of back- and forward testing, i.e testing in real time on live tick data feed.

The below screenshot is an example of our live testing. It is taken after one day-long test. The tick data we got from Metatrader via our own Expert Advisor.

Automated Forex Trading Tested On Live Tick Data
Automated Forex Trading Strategy Tested On Live Tick Data (click on the image to enlarge)

You see that our day trading strategy based on pivot points detection algorithm literally ctashed it! 132 pips in one day, and 60% winning trades.

Note that the market was far from easy to trade. This test coincided with the ECB announcement and following press-conference. As you might know, trading during the news release time is difficult. Many traders close their positions before that.

And what is interesting, is that our strategy doesn’t yet have the trend following component, which is under development. So you can see our real life example shows the potential of automated Forex trading.

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